7./8. - 29. September 2019

Lo sguardo originario | Der unverstellte Blick
(The orginal view)

Opening with a Festa sul Lago:

Saturday, 7. September 2019, at 5 p.m.

Greeting: Noosha Aubel
Cultural representative of the city of Potsdam
Music: Pianist Felix Dubiel from Potsdam

Sonntag, 8. September 2019, von 11-17 Uhr

Music: Saddidandà with Italian Swing

The artist will be present on both days.

In cooperation with the friends of
(Freundeskreis) Potsdam-Perugia


The silvery blue-gray olive groves, the milky morning mist that makes the distant fading hills look transparent, the black-green shadows cast by single bushes and clumps of trees in the dusk - the light of the setting sun at the top. - Whoever is traveling in Umbria and knows the paintings of Mirabella, sees Umbria with the eyes of the painter.

We are pleased to present the painter Cesare Mirabella for the first time in Potsdam on the occasion of the theme year,"Italy in Potsdam" with an exhibition that gives an overview of the development and breadth of his work from 2010 to 2019.

1944 born in Cittanova / Reggio di Calabria

1959 Beginning of art studies in Rome, graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arte.

1977 First solo exhibition ("Disegnare colo-rando") in Spoleto and 1979 in Rome; This is followed by an intense examination of the analytical-conceptional outlook on art.

1986 in Spoleto with the exhibition "Paesaggi e animali", Mirabella presents a radical reorientation of his artistic approach: the turn to complex figurative painting that emphasizes pictorial space and color mood, which ever since is as a landscape, still life, animal and human image his great artistic life theme.

Since the nineties exhibitions among others in Messina, Perugia, Rome, Treviso, Trento and Vincenza.also in Switzerland (Wohlen, Bremgarten, Waltenschwil) and since 2005 in The Netherlands.

Cesare Mirabella lives and works in Morcicchia, a small mountain village in Umbria, whose ambience and natural beauty has become his inexhaustible source of inspiration.

"In the Boschi (forests), the light that permeates us - more of an intense light-matter - is directly palpable ..." Bruno Toscano