12. September - 31. Oktober 2020

Masks · Landscapes · Gods of Luck
Painting, drawings & sculpture

We are celebrating our two-day art festival this year on the 2nd weekend of September 2020 on the occasion of Rainer Ehrt's 60th birthday with this exhibition.

Preview on Saturday, 12. 9. 1p.m. - 6p.m.
Music from Bertram Burkert, guitar

Vernissage on Sunday, den 13.9. at 4p.m.
Music from Cathrin Pfeifer, accordion


Masks · Landscapes · Gods of Luck

It's the birthday of a lucky child of the muses. Rainer Ehrt left sixty extremely productive years behind him this summer and we can hope for at least another forty more years of creativity with his energy and temperament. .

Born in 1960 in Elbingerode in the Harz Mountains, he moved to Klein Machnow in 1988 after a long study period in Halle (1981-1988) at the famous Burg Giebichenstein art college.

Rainer Ehrt's work is not only characterized by an overflowing imagination, but also by a variety of stylistic means at his disposal: In addition to drawing, etching and painting, he has created impressive large woodcuts, a profession that almost seems to have been died out. In addition to the finest, handwritten, unique book-art work, seemingly diametrically opposed, there are considerable wooden sculptures. For the artist, anything can be a source that ignites his imagination: the comic everyday life and the bizarre contemporaries, mythology and fashions, literature and politics.

The artist is a “homme de lettres et culture”, one who describes the state of a threatened world with puns and wit, while celebrating its beauty and sensuality at the same time.

Rainer Ehrt has left a lot of traces in Brandenburg: Not only did he found the “Edition-Ehrt” in 1993, he is also a co-founder of the ART-Brandenburg artists' fair and the new Kleinmachnow art association “Die Brücke”. The number of his art prizes is considerable: including the 2008 “Grand Prix World Press Cartoon Lisbon”, which one can confidently call the “Oscar for cartoonists”. The series of museums in which works by Rainer Ehrt have now been included in the Elysium of the Arts is even longer. The number of completed exhibitions seems innumerable.

We have been warmly connected to this exceptional talent for many years and say again:
Congratulations, dear Rainer!