22. Mai - 16. Juli 2022

Raymond Unger



Vernissage / Opening
Sunday 22. May 2022 at 4 pm


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For me, one of the most impressive encounters with an artistic ouevre last year is the work of the Berlin-based painter and author Raymond Unger, born in 1963.

In 2011 he received the international Lucas Cranach Special Prize for Painting for his painterly work. In 2014, European President José Manuel Barroso invited him to the third General Assembly NEW NARRATIVE FOR EUROPE. The invitation was extended to selected intellectuals, scientists and artists who are committed to the future of Europe through their attitude, commitment or activity.

In addition to his work as a painter, Unger writes essays and books and gives lectures on the topics of art, psychology and politics. The books of recent years have been on Amazon's bestseller lists for weeks.

For his large-format impasto painting, the artist has been using the spatula since 2004, which underlines the expressive character of the subjects. Unger's painting of recent years reveals almost prophetic sides in the depiction of archetypal images of human sensations. With expansive gestures, he unmasks the prevailing zeitgeist without sparing the viewer and at the same time shows the power full of blood that can be found in the supposedly anachronistic figurative painting.