1. July - 1. September 2018

The Color RED
Gudrun Brüne, Caroline von Bodecker,
Susanne Kraißer, Hermann Lüddecke,
Bettina Moras, Peer Oliver Nau,
Gisela Neuenhahn, NICOLAUS,
Anna Vonnemann, Vanessa von Wendt

Vernissage on Sunday, ,1. July 2018 at 4 p.a. .

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The Color RED

The color RED…..is crossing through all valeurs of the summer. It's the color with the highest myth. IN the time of the Aancient Greeks the color had been assigned to the god Apoll, the god of light, divination,of healing and the arts, as well as to Ares, the god of war and carnage. RED is one of the primordial colors, the first color that was named in the languages of the world. RED signals beauty. Beauty always carries the shadow of perishability, love and hate, energy and rage, passion and seduction, joy and sorrow - all facets which RED symbolieses.

Ten artists from different generations have been invited to this exhibition, Vanessa von Wendt, born 1984, is making for the first time an appearance at the Gallery KUNST-KONTOR. With Gudrun Brüne, born 1940 and Hermann Lüddecke, born. 1938, are two representatives of figurative painting, for whom the Cold War on the area of the arts has been - in each part of Germany - personally determined. With Anna Vonnemann, born 1956 und NICOLAUS, born 1954, we are showing artwork of two very singular artists who are appearing regularly at the gallery. Again, Caroline von Bodecker, born 1966, is participating with the finest artwork from and on paper. The sculptural position is represented by so different styles as Peer Oliver Nau, born 1971, and Susanne Kraißer, born 1977, have developed. Giesela Neuenhahn, born 1943 and Bettina Moras, born 1975 , are belonging to those painters who the gallery represents, whose artwork is also characterised through a very singular and unmistakable ductus.