10 Years Gallery KUNST-KONTOR
2007 - 2017 in Potsdam

6 May - 2 September 2017

STERNSTUNDEN (=Stellar moments/moments of glory)
Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics

Vernissage at Saturday 6th March 2017 at 4 p.m.

Music: Jaspar Libuda - cinematic bass music.


The title of the exhibition is not borrowed by accident from the famous essay - Stefan Zweig's "Decisive Moments in History".
Zweig's deep humanism, his subtle language, his clear and plain style and his vivid portrayals of human states are showing the phenomenon of the creativeness validly until today.

With "STERNSTUNDEN" we want to pick up exactly these aspects. In the contemporary art, we find the great humanist thought most truly mirrored in figurative-representational

In "STERNSTUNDEN" we celebrate the artists, whose works have given the gallery its distinctive profile over the past 10 years and founded its reputation.


» Exhibition Flyer as pdf-file (in German)